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Weapons & Force Options

To ensure that your officers receive the most realistic and accurate training possible, Real-World Training Solutions LLC carries a number of modified weapons to ensure that officers have the most appropriate and realistic options available. You have access to leading edge training equipment that will allow you to train your officers on all the force options they would normally have available to them.  You can now truly train like you fight!

The use-of-force simulator has branching video scenarios that respond to the following force options:

Verbal Commands Hands On  OC Spray Baton
Taser Pistol (recoil & non recoil) Rifle Shotgun

With over 400 video scenarios to choose from you will be sure to find scenarios that allow you to test or train the specific skills you are looking for. 

Evaluate at real-world speeds how well your officers move up and down the force continuum and how seamlessly they transition between weapons.  In this video you can observe an officer moving from OC spray to pistol in one scenario and from pistol to hands on in another.     

If you officers carry Tasers then you are already aware that the manufacturer recommends an annual recertification. Recertification requires that an officer fire two cartridges at a static target. Currently each cartridge costs roughly $25. This recertification can be done on our simulator thereby saving the agency $50 per officer.


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