Customer Testimonials

The R-WTS system has provided invaluable insight into force options training that an instructor simply cannot duplicate through lecture or training videos. After a few scenarios, I had many veteran cops realizing that they needed to train harder on little things they would have never considered had it not been for the system.

During the rental period, R-WTS staff was never more than a phone call away. They were polite and more than helpful with my sometimes silly questions. The most valuable aspect, however, was that when a laser worth more than my paycheck broke during training, R-WTS told me that it was covered by our rental agreement and there would be no cost to us! Had we purchased a system, I would have had to write one hell of a memo for that one!
Deputy Sheriff James Sunderland Jr. - Val Verde County Sheriff's Office

I would like to offer comment on our recent rental of the Use of Force/Firearms Simulator provided by your company.  The assistance provided during the first orientation visit and initial rental was outstanding.  The system came packed well organized and easy to set up based on the step by step instructions and photograph attachments.  The initial system calibration was simple to complete and remained accurate through the training.  Once set up and running we had no interruptions in training scenarios other than changing CO2 cartridges as needed.  The various scenarios and path options were simple to use.

The system made it easy to run all of our officers through numerous scenarios (minimum of five each) while rotating them from their normal assignments.  Normally officers are just waiting for the end of training, with this system they asked for more and had to be chased out of the training room so the next officer could participate.

Based on cost of system rental versus purchase of TASER training cartridges and other munitions we are already planning for another simulator rental this year.  Additionally, we are budgeting for system rental next year to enhance our use of force and firearms training.

Thank you for providing a valuable tool to our department at a reasonable price with outstanding service.
Capt. Karl Johnson- Saginaw Police Department


UT Health Science Center Police Department uses this system and has incorporated it into their Weapons training plan on a semiannual basis.

As a Command Staff member, the cost is a very attractive feature. As a firearms instructor, the ease of set up, and use can’t be beat. The skill building range drills add challenging elements of training that would require extensive set up on a live fire range. The scenarios are realistic, easy to branch off to alternative scenarios, and we plan to use the customization available as our program matures.

R-WTS’ level of service is top notch. I deal with multiple vendors in various areas and none are as responsive as R-WTS. Their support set us up for success with this unit on a long term basis, providing instructor training at every level, from set up to running the system. I look forward to developing customized scenarios with R-WTS.

I have gone through the pains of trying to acquire these type systems in both the military and civilian law enforcement. “Sticker Shock” usually stops those efforts in their tracks. This system eliminates the “Sticker Shock”, eliminates maintenance and upgrade costs, and most importantly, provides an effective training experience for all involved.
Capt. Michael S. Bleier - University of Texas HSC San Antonio PD


The Huntsville Police Department leased a firearms simulator from Real-World Training Solutions for a week.  During the week the department was able to run approximately 40 officers through over an hour of training each.  The simulator is easy to setup and operate and since there was no limit to how we used the system during the week we were able to utilize the system, even during the night time hours, allowing officers to train during their normal shift. 

The scenarios within the system are about as real as you can get without actually being in the situations presented.  The branching software built into the simulator allows the operator to change the scenario on the fly depending on how the officer reacted to the problems presented.  Overall the Real-World Training Solutions experience was fantastic.
Sgt. Blake Galle - Huntsville Police Department


During the holiday season in 2011 an officer received a dispatch for a disturbance involving a suicidal man with gun. The officer arrived on scene and maintained a tactical position. The officer observed a man sitting in a chair in the garage of the residence. The officer asked the man if he had a gun and the man displayed a firearm.  The officer recently went through Real-World Training Solutions' simulator training and he utilized the skills obtained from the training to safely take the man into custody without injury or further incident. 

The suicidal man indicated to the officer he believed in God and could not just shoot himself to commit suicide. He indicated to the officer he had full intentions of killing himself with suicide by cop.  The suicidal man attributed the peaceful resolution to how the officer spoke and controlled the situation while maintaining a tactical position.  The officer reported his success to the fact he could draw on his experience in the simulator training so he was able to control his stress and rely on his training."
Sgt. Darren Haverstock – Marion Police Department



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