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Interactive video scenarios

Experience it before you live it!  Work out tactics, policies and procedures while life and limb (not to mention agency liability) are not on the line.

Your officers, using specially modified weapons, interact with the screen depending on how the scenario unfolds. The video scenarios have branching options meaning that the outcome can be different depending on the actions of your officers or your specific training needs. For example, if your officer uses good verbal commands the suspect can be made to comply with the officer’s request. The scenario can be rerun and the next time the verbal commands are ineffective and the suspect chooses to pull out a gun or attempt to assault your officer which causes your officer to react accordingly.

Video scenarios are the heart and soul of the use-of-force/firearm simulator and let you quickly and easily evaluate how well your officers respond to different situations & threats, how efficiently they transition from one force option to another. Training with a use-of-force/firearm simulator can help your officers learn to articulate why they chose a particular course of action and then back it up with agency policy and applicable state law.

In a very short amount of time your officers can be placed in a wide range of scenarios, from domestic disputes & traffic stops to patrol & active shooter. In a department that only uses on-the-job training, it would take months or even years for an officer to be exposed to the whole range of scenarios offered by Real-World Training Solutions.

With over 400 interactive video scenarios to choose from you can be sure that your officers  will be getting the best possible training on situations and in environments similar to the ones they are likely to encounter during their shift.  Customize your agency’s training by drawing from our extensive database of branching video scenarios which include the following topics:

Active Shooter Armed Disturbance Burglaries & Alarms
Casino Security Disorderly & Intoxicated Domestic
Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP) Homeland Security In Custody & Corrections
K-9 Patrol PMC & Military
Probation & Parole Skill Builders Special Operations
Traffic Stops Transportation  

The scenario debrief allows you review the entire scenario with your officer s and review all aspects of the call.  You may discuss tactics, communication, positioning, force option used and the result (fall of all shots, impact points of Taser probes, OC spray pattern)


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