The answer is clear… Your officers need realistic judgmental training. The real question is should your department BUY or RENT a use-of-force/firearm simulator?

The Benefits to Renting are substantial:


Small rental payments vs. large up-front payment if you buy. We have daily rates as low as $321 per day.
2. You can start training faster, it’s easier to get funding for a rental than create a proposal to get funds to purchase. We accept all major credit cards and have flexible billing plans.
3. No maintenance headaches as Real-World Training Solutions maintain the systems for you. Nothing like losing or breaking a critical piece on your use-of-force/firearm simulator and having it become inoperable. This will never happen when you rent from us.
4. You don’t have to worry about being stuck with obsolete equipment in 3-5 year as Real-World Training Solutions will keep the system up to date with the latest equipment, scenarios and technology. Your officers will always be training with the latest and greatest technology when you rent.
5. More efficient training: officers are trained all at once on a very structured and planned schedule when the system is rented – when you own the system the planning for training is much more casual and becomes disorganized and much less efficient.

It’s not about what you own, but what you control!

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