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The marksmanship componenet of the training simulator will allow your officers to practice basic and advanced marksmanship skills while at the same time saving your department money.  You will save money on ammunition expenses as the range is virtual and no live rounds are used.  Not only do you have reduced ammuniton expenses but the associated libility with firing live rounds is also reduced.      

When you rent this system you officers can receive the following types of training: use-of-force training, marksmanship training, judgmental training, shoot/no shoot training, firearms skill building drills and exercises. 

Marksmanship trainingencompasses the basic fundamentals of individual marksmanship and sustainment training. You can virtually recreate up to four lanes of any department’s current shooting range as well as their course of fire (specific targets and their preferred way of presenting the targets). With the current economic situation, being able to fire hundreds of rounds for “free” is a plus. 

Simulate an Indoor Range Multi Lane marksmanship B-27E Target

For skills training Real-World Training Solutions offers a number of drills and scenarios ranging from judgmental shoot/no shoot and target tracking/running man exercises to clay/steel fields and shoot houses. Our judgmental training includes force escalation/de-escalation, use of force and shoot/no shoot scenarios and drills

Virtual Turning Targets.jpg Virtual Shoot House.jpg Firing Range

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