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Rent a use-of-force / firearm simulator!

Real-World Training Solutions LLC is making leading edge training equipment (specifically, high quality virtual firearm and use-of-force training simulators) available to law enforcement professionals by renting systems out.

Real-World Training Solution LLC’s mission is to save your officer’s lives, reduce your agency’s liability and help you do more with your limited training budget. 

Our system that can do it all, from branching video scenarios for training on all aspects of a call (command presence, use-of-force, tactics, judgment/decision making and communication skills…), to basic and intermediate marksmanship and skill builders (moving and non-moving targets and the ability to create your own course of fire).

Real-world training that comes to you!
The use of force/firearm simulator that you will be using is a laptop computer based training system which means that it is portable and can come to you! Our systems can be set up in most training rooms and will work in areas as small as 15'x 20 feet. You will not need to pay for gasoline or over time in order for officers traveling to training.

How it works
The system uses a high definition projector to project a video scenario on a 7’ x 12’ screen. Your officers, using specially modified weapons, interact with the screen depending on how the scenario unfolds. The video scenarios have branching options meaning that the outcome can be different depending on the actions of your officers or your specific training needs. For example, if your officer uses good verbal commands the suspect can be made to comply with the officer’s request. The scenario can be rerun and the next time the verbal commands are ineffective and the suspect chooses to pull out a gun or attempt to assault your officer which causes your officer to react accordingly.

Real-world training but out of this world capabilities.
With our training system you can train your officers on basic to advanced marksmanship skills and drills as well as situational scenarios and role playing videos. 

Brush up your officer's skills on rapid sight alignment using reactive steel or clay targets or use a traditional silhouette target. Your officers can review and practice moving target tracking and running man skills in our running man and popping target drills.  Have your officers practice judgemental and reaction skills using our turning target drills. 

Our interactive video scenario database will allow you to put your officers in manydifferent real-world situations. From schools and office buildings to bars and parks we can enable you to simulate environments similar to the ones your officers will be working in.  With the ability to train on domestic dispute calls, traffic stops and patrol situations you can ensure that your officers are well equiped to deal with the calls they will encounter in your area.  You too will be impressed with the system capabilities.

Serve the community, train your officers and save money... all at the same time!
You will be able to serve your community AND train your officers as the training can usually be conducted in your station which means if a call comes in your officer is available... not miles away outside the city at an offsite facility training.

With fuel cost on the rise the ability to train in house is going to be a big plus that will make a positive impact on your fuel budget. In house and on duty training capabilities also means a decrese in overtime hours which decreases your operating expenses.

The marksmanship componenet of the training simulator will allow your officers to practice basic and advanced marksmanship skills while at the same time saving your department money.  You will save money on ammunition expenses as the range is virtual and no live rounds are used.  Not only do you have reduced ammuniton expenses but the associated libility with firing live rounds is also reduced.      

When you rent this system you officers can receive the following types of training: use-of-force training, marksmanship training, judgmental training, shoot/no shoot training, firearms skill building drills and exercises and Taser recertifications. 

Marksmanship trainingencompasses the basic fundamentals of individual marksmanship and sustainment training. You can virtually recreate up to four lanes of any department’s current shooting range as well as their course of fire (specific targets and their preferred way of presenting the targets). With the current economic situation, being able to fire hundreds of rounds for “free” is a plus. All targets can be printed out in the event a training record is needed.


Simulate an Indoor Range  B-27E Target

For skills training Real-World Training Solutions offers a number of drills and scenarios ranging from judgmental shoot/no shoot and target tracking/running man exercises to clay/steel fields and shoot houses. Our judgmental training includes force escalation/de-escalation, use of force and shoot/no shoot scenarios and drills

Virtual Turning Targets.jpg  Firing Range

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